All the news on Elise Bisschop

Elise’s pilgrim badge

Back from Germany another meeting awaits us in Besançon. Previous research in Paris has produced nothing; Will there be some results in Besançon, in the Dominican archives found there?

A third witness for Élise

Ms. Lajambe is a resident of the retirement home at Mailly-le-Château, the "Résidence Club Grégoire Direz". She talks about Élise: a dear friend. She was four years older than Élise.

Second series of photographs

Mr. Jean-Louis Lajambe has, with his wife Nicole, a wonderful collection of photographs on Mailly-le-Château. They gladly opened their treasures to search Élise.

First photographs of Elise

Thanks to the information given by the first witnesses, we find in the city of Auxerre Gilberte, a childhood friend of Élise's. It is with great kindness that she welcomes us to her home with her husband.