All the news on Elise Bisschop

Two new treasures about the Bisschop family

Do you remember the acquisition of a drawing of Élise by our association at the beginning of this month? By a happy coincidence, it turns out that the seller of the drawing also had two postcards of the Bisschop family.

Our historical fund is growing again

In recent months, our Élise Bisschop historical collection has grown with two new remarkable pieces. Indeed, we acquired a magnificent painting by René Bisschop and a rare drawing by Élise.

Elise’s pilgrim badge

Back from Germany another meeting awaits us in Besançon. Previous research in Paris has produced nothing; Will there be some results in Besançon, in the Dominican archives found there?

A third witness for Élise

Ms. Lajambe is a resident of the retirement home at Mailly-le-Château, the "Résidence Club Grégoire Direz". She talks about Élise: a dear friend. She was four years older than Élise.