Announcement of the death of Elise by Father Bochin

As explained in the news of August 11, 2016, about the discovery of Elise's pilgrim badge, she was part of a Dominican fraternity of the sick. Today, the archives of this fraternity are kept by the Rosary Association, based in Besançon.

On November 23, after an extensive search of the archives, the secretary of the Rosary Association found a letter written by Father Bochin, director of the fraternity. The letter, written twelve days after Elise's death, is addressed to the hospital staff and to the commissioners, that is to say the cadres who surrounded the sick during the Rosary pilgrimages. Some had known Élise during the pilgrimage to Lourdes in October 1962.

In his two-page letter, Father Bochin spoke of the death of Elise. It also recounts the precise moment and place when Élise entered the Order of Saint Dominic by religious vows.

Father Bochin entrusts Élise to their prayers but also insists on “I entrust you to her prayer! "

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