Arrival of 23 new letters from Élise

On June 22, four other witnesses were heard as part of the investigation into Élise's virtues. One of the witnesses had a sister, Monique, who died in 2007; she was 8 years younger than Élise, and like her had been single all her life. She had kept 23 letters she had received from Elise.

Many points united Élise and Monique. First was loyalty to their childhood faith in Mailly-le-Château. Then Monique's choice to become a nurse pleased Élise who saw in this profession a possibility of living Christian charity intensely. Finally, Élise, with her repeated health problems, although on the other side of the cord, was almost constantly in the medical world.

What is beautiful in this discovery is that we have a new perspective on Élise. She writes to a younger, somewhat helpless person in a secularized atmosphere; Élise gives him precious spiritual advice:

"If you allow me this advice, try not to be satisfied with this Easter communion, my Monique ... You should now communicate at each Mass, especially if you cannot have Mass every Sunday: there are so many strength! And… in every way, you will need strength and grace. I am thinking of your roommate who may try her propaganda skills on you… "

At the same time Élise confides:

“For my part, I hope with all my strength, that my suffering will help those I love, and that my life (failed, from the human point of view) will help others to succeed theirs, and therefore will be successful to the point from a spiritual point of view… I hope that I will help you, especially you (and yours because, at home, I love you all). ”