Article in the Yonne Républicaine

Knowledge of the facts reached the journalist shortly before thanks to yet another act of Providence. A parishioner had invited him to the blessing of a crucifix restored in the church of Trucy-sur-Yonne, an exceptional event for this village.

It was an opportunity to ask the newspaper "L'Yonne Républicaine" to write an article on Élise. Management approval has come and the article will be released on July 28.

The film of the life of Élise Bisschop

Father Dominique-Marie Morstad, curate at Mailly-le-Château, recently discovered a treasure: a collection of poems left by a young woman who disappeared half a century ago, Élise Bisschop. From this discovery was born a film.

This priest of the Brotherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from a Norwegian family converted to Catholicism when he was three years old, with an atypical journey, fades behind his find with humility. However, he did a real investigative job to retrace the edifying itinerary of a faithful, born in Trucy-sur-Yonne in 1925 and died in Auxerre in 1964, after having lived in Mailly-le-Château.

Father Dominique-Marie patiently collected rare testimonies and documents on the author. An edition of the collection is also planned. With the support of his hierarchy, he produced a 35-minute film on this extraordinary personality, doomed from an early age to a marginal existence, due to shaky health.

With a smile radiating the joy of life, she engaged in assisting parishioners, manifesting an unconditional love for God, Nature and his fellows.

This film, screened at Mailly-le-Château last May will be presented in Trucy-sur-Yonne in September.

L. D.