Article on Élise in the monthly “Diocesan Priests”

The postulator of the cause had proposed to this review for diocesan priests an article dealing with the relationship between Élise and her various parish priests. Thus in its November 2019 issue came out the article entitled “Élise et ses curés” punctuated with extracts from Élise's poems and songs and extracts from her correspondence.

From reading come two motives for this interesting subject. The first is that Elise saw in every priest a minister of the one she loved with all her heart, Jesus. No question therefore of lacking prayer and collaboration towards them.

A very special confidence was however reserved for the young priest who arrived in 1941. In him, Élise put all her soul because she thought he was celebrating Mass with great fervor. It was the beginning of fifteen years of a rich spiritual friendship and great collaboration for the parish. The priest, Father André Générat, managed the spiritual life of Élise with energy and advice; Help him for the catechism of little children and for the chaplaincy of young girls.

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