Article on Élise in the review “France Catholique”

After looking at two other figures from the Yonne in 2020, the weekly magazine France Catholique has looked at the radiant figure of Elise Bisschop. The publication is in two parts: an article on the life and spirituality of Elise and an interview with the postulator of the cause of beatification.

Having clearly identified the salient qualities of Élise, journalist Émilie Pourbaix chose to entitle her article “The Apostolate of Smile”. Elise’s smile is precisely the quality that all of her contemporaries remembered the most. The article is based on information from the association's website, poems and even a few letters.

The favorable occasion for the writing of this article was the desire of France Catholique to become a partner of our national competition for Christian poetry. France Catholique has opened a page to promote the competition, it can be viewed here. The entire article can be read, in French, here (the pages 32-34).