Article on Elise's birthday in the EDY

In this year of the Lord 2014 Mailly-le-Château will celebrate one of his children who still shines in our hearts today: fifty years ago, on April 9, Élise Bisschop died at the old military hospital in Saint Germain in Auxerre. If her body, sick from birth, breathed its last, Elise's smile, a constant mark of her love for God and for her neighbor, remains alive in the hearts of those who knew her.

Élise was born on May 25, 1925 in Trucy-sur-Yonne. His parents passed on to him and his younger brother a living faith. Not long ago, the villagers of Trucy-sur-Yonne remembered that the Bisschop family came down every Sunday from the Saint-Hubert farm to go to Mass. The Bisschop arrived in Mailly-le-Château in 1931; where their faith has left visible traces. The father, René Bisschop, was a painter. The most expensive painting in the parish is certainly that of the Annunciation which is still found today in the church of Mailly-le-Château.

There are three ways to evoke the memory of Elise. First among the people of her time: everyone remembers this girl who was still sick but who knew how to spread the goodness of God around her, even in the midst of great trials. She radiated the joy of God's presence in her life. Then, the tender and luminous memory that she left in the hearts of the children of the catechism. While due to her very fragile health, she was never able to engage in professional work, Élise committed herself wholeheartedly to the parish.

Finally, a collection of poems. From her childhood and until the last days of her life, Élise composed poems and songs in which she sang the creation which recalls in us the Love of God. Some parishioners may have had these poems in their hands. It is from these texts that a slideshow could be produced which will be shown in this fiftieth year."