Avalanche of letters

On July 28, 2014, an article on Élise was published in the Yonne Républicaine (see this news on the date indicated). The article was also published on the internet where the daughter of a childhood friend of Élise, by providence, consulted it. She immediately understood who it was: Élise, the childhood and adolescence friend of her own mother, Victoria.

Her mother, Victoria G., was Élise's closest friend; she was just a year older than elise. Until Victoria's marriage, celebrated in 1946, they shared the same piety and the same activities. Victoria was a model friend.

In her old age Victoria contracted, alas !, Alzheimer's disease and was no longer able, in 2014, to hold a conversation.

After Victoria's death in 2016, her daughter took care of her papers and found many letters: from her mother to Élise, from Élise to her mother, from her mother to Élise's mother.

September 2017 she sent everything to Father Lotte, promoter of justice in Élise's case (the promoter of justice is responsible for ensuring the good order of the case).

The letters are very interesting and, for the first time, we had from the hand of Elise's mother, some details on the last moments of her daughter.