Christmas Market 2022

I was able to present the association again and sell the few crèches that we had left, to the delight of young and old alike. Beautiful meetings, very beautiful exchanges and some additional intentions of prayers to carry to our poetess of the heaven. The sale of the association's objects then continued thanks to members, in Vermenton and Mailly-la-Ville. We sold almost all the nativity scenes and many candle lights.

I was pleasantly surprised to see several people come back in the afternoon for additional questions about Elise's life. These people were touched by our young lady, and by her life discovered on the website. One person told us that she was struck by her life, which “resembles ours so much”, showing that in the end holiness is not achieved in the “extraordinary” and that it only takes a little to be better.

All of the sales from this Christmas market allow us to pay for a small part of the edition of the poetry booklet for the Élise Bisschop Prize 2022. It was very cold but our hearts quickly warmed thanks to all these encounters and these “rejuvenating” moments; what a pleasure for us to evoke Elise, our region already rich in Saints… Let us all continue on this path and I wish to continue this action still in the future years.

Anne S