Creation of an Endowment Fund for Elise Bisschop

On March 11, 2023, after several working meetings, the Élicité Endowment Fund, the city of Élise Bisschop and Christian poetry was created in Charentenay by eight founding members, six of whom sit on the Board of Directors. The Élicité Endowment Fund's mission is to work for the influence, promotion and enhancement of the human and cultural heritage of Élise Bisschop both nationally and internationally.

The Endowment Fund, in mixed form (both operator and redistributor), will carry out its own actions while offering material and financial support to the association Les Amis d'Élise Bisschop.

As a result, the Endowment Fund will carry out actions of general interest of a cultural, historical, educational, charitable and philanthropic nature with a universal dimension. It will implement various actions and activities in the literary, artistic, cultural, educational and media fields. It will organize sponsorship operations, raise funds and find partners to support its actions and activities. To frame its various missions, the Endowment Fund will be structured around five poles: a scientific research pole, a heritage pole, a cultural pole, an educational pole and a resource pole.

In addition, the Élicité Endowment Fund, the city of Élise will provide financial, material and media support to any non-profit organization working for the influence and promotion of Élise Bisschop in France and around the world.

The Endowment Fund will be administered by its founding members: Mr. Frédéric Leuger, the Chairman; Mrs. Raphaëlle Taccone, the Director; Mrs. Isabelle Prost, representative of the Board of Directors and administrator; Father Dominique-Marie Morstad, administrator and guarantor of the moral authority of the project; Mr. Frédéric Prost, director; Mrs. Vanessa Taccone, administrator.

The first event of Élicité, the city of Élise is getting ready, go to this news feed in a few days to find out.