Elise Parish Day 2018

The parish day had its usual rhythm: Sunday Mass, talk, prayer at the tomb of the Church, shared meal. All of this took place under a particularly warm and warm spring sun.

Two points emerged during the presentation. First, the discovery of several batches of letters, either from Élise, or from her mother, Marie, or from her childhood friend, Victoria. These letters will help to better understand Élise and to elucidate certain gaps that still remained unresolved. Then the development of websites, information on Élise and her cause, and that, more prosaic, of giving internet users the possibility of acquiring the DVD and the collection of "Poems and Songs" directly by internet. The information site is now also available in Norwegian and Italian. After reading a few quotes from the newly discovered letters, the parishioners were able to discover together the poetry "Let's sing joy"; she is full of love, youth and joy. We then move under a very pleasant sun to the cemetery. On the tomb of Élise, flowers had been placed by the family who, being distant, could not participate in this day as they had been able to do the previous year. In the presence of five other eyewitnesses of Élise the prayer for her and her family, as well as for many other friends and friends who rest in the cemetery of Mailly-le-Château, was that of a large family gathered around the same mystery of the Love of God. The shared meal was a beautiful conclusion which allowed all present to exchange and rejoice for the friendship that each time these Church days allow. See you next year !