Elise's second birthday in the parish

Report in the parish journal: "Parish life"

The day in memory of Élise Bisschop

Sunday May 10, 2015

The parish of Mailly-le-Château and friends from elsewhere gathered on Sunday May 10 for a second day of remembrance for Élise Bisschop. Since the 50th anniversary of her death, commemorated last year, the faithful wants to revive the memory of the dear parishioner every year.

This gave us the opportunity to remember all the beautiful events that took place in 2014 where the collection of "Poems and songs" and the film, made on this occasion, were widely distributed. A reprint was necessary for both. The film was screened in the municipalities linked to Elise's life, that is to say in Trucy-sur-Yonne and Mailly-le-Château, which led to greater knowledge of Elise in the new generations. The poster campaign that preceded the screenings also had the effect of raising awareness of Élise. There were only positive reactions.

Our friend, Mrs. Isabelle Téqui, head of Communication for the diocese, brought with her a brief retrospective of the screenings that were made in the EDY. In fact, after a screening for the some priests, many of the faithful were able to watch the film during the festival in Auxerre on October 4. An article in the Yonne Républicaine in July had also helped to publicize the simple but beautiful figure of Elise.

Sunday was an opportunity to read one of the poems, the one titled A Glow Worm. Élise recognizes herself as weak and dreamy, but that did not prevent her from having the great desire to pave the way for souls in love with truth and comfort. It is compared to the glow-worm which, shining in the night, shows the way to God.

The day continued with the blessing of the restored tomb of the Bisschop family at Mailly-le-Château. The Hugot Funeral Home business in Vermenton graciously took care of this beautiful work that all present were able to admire.

The day ended with a shared meal that reminded everyone of Elise's kindness to everyone, especially her love for the little ones. Elise’s great adventure will continue and the next year will undoubtedly bring new signs of her loving presence in her parish and in the hearts of those who see her as a sister. It will be a joy for the parish to meet again in April 2016 for this beautiful goal. "