Four René Bisschop paintings return to Mailly-le-Château

Randomly from a search on a famous online auction platform, we were surprised to discover a table falsely attributed to Richard Bisschop presenting the signature and pictorial style of René Bisschop. Intrigued by the ad, we contacted the seller expressing our desire to know more about the painting on sale.

After a few repeated contacts by phone, the seller, an antique dealer living in Saint-Gingolph in Haute-Savoie, told us that she bought the painting at an auction in Annecy and that she had three others in her warehouse. The story could end there but it turns out that the paintings were acquired 10 years earlier and that they all come from the old house of Pierre Bisschop, Elise's brother. The paintings were never put up for sale or taken out of the warehouse, except one living in the house of the antique dealer: they were waiting for us! On October 4, guided by the hand of the Church, we took the mountain road to acquire these paintings. After a fruitful exchange with the antique dealer, in a café located on the shores of Lake Geneva, we left with the 4 paintings by René Bisschop, happy to be able to participate in the preservation of Elise's heritage. On the evening of Saturday October 5, 2019, René Bisschop's paintings finally returned to Mailly-le-Château.

Looking at René's paintings, how not to evoke the poetry Tableau d'automne, composed by Elise for her dear father and who speaks so well of the painter's delicate gestures:

Autumn has, near the river,
Golden cattails to spin:
On the shore, in whole line
See, under the hand of the worker,
Shiver each poplar.

When his invisible finger appears
Painter, don't waste a moment:
Everything falls under his agile hand;
The gold leaf is too fragile
To resist him for a long time. ”

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