New cleaning of Elise's grave

Since the 50th anniversary of Elise's death, the Bisschop tomb had not been cleaned. The years passed quickly and, within seven years, a black layer had again covered the white stone. Within the association, an initiative was born to rediscover the beauty of limestone. A letter was even sent to the town hall to find out about the possibilities of taking advantage of municipal water.

On May 31, the Silberstein family - with the President and Treasurer at the helm! - showed courage by starting this major cleaning project. After two hours of work, under the hot May sun, the tomb was completely cleaned up. All the members of the association are proud of this commendable initiative. They thank the president and the treasurer for the energies and perseverance that have been invested! The gravestone regained its white color, echoing the spiritual clarity that Elise loved more than anything.