Operation Christmas Candles Elise

Every year, Christmas was a very dear moment to Elise. This is why this year members of the association wanted to honor Elise's love for the birth of the Child Jesus with a free distribution of candles. The candles, in transparent cups with a height of 6 centimeters, had two labels: one on Christmas and another illustrated by an effigy of Elise and her words: "You are the Light and nothing has value outside Your Peace, O Lord! ". The candles decorated in this way were presented in small bags which also contained a small folded leaflet explaining the purpose of the “Friends of Elise Bisschop” association.

The distribution was made at Christmas Masses, at Mailly-le-Château and at Vermenton. Fortunately, the French government had provided for an exemption from the curfew so that Christians could celebrate Christmas Eve. The free distribution of these candles, inspired by Elise, was a great success in the two villages.