Our first General Assembly

On October 2, the first General Assembly of our association took place in the presence of about fifteen members at the Saint-Georges room in Mailly-le-Château. About twenty adherents had sent their power. The quorum of 23 members having been reached, we were able to validly deliberate and vote.

Mrs. Anne Silberstein, our President, first of all presented the moral assessment of our association (period from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021) which was unanimously validated by the members present. Then, Mrs. Anne Silberstein presented the new projects to be carried out for the coming year.

After this rich presentation, Mr. Lionel Silberstein, our treasurer, presented the financial report of our first year of exercise (fiscal year from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021) and, unanimously, the annual accounts were approved by the members.

Before unveiling the provisional budget for the coming year, Mrs. Anne Silberstein submitted to the vote all the projects for the coming year. If some of them were abandoned, others were retained. Here is a summary:

  • Edition of the collection of poems The Spring including all the poems of the “Prix Élise Bisschop 2021” competition.
  • Edition via a private distributor of the libretto of Elise's poems in Italian, in a new expanded version.
  • Setting up of a large traveling exhibition on Élise Bisschop and publishing of the exhibition booklet thanks to the setting up of a participatory prize pool.
  • Make crochet amigurumis for operated children at the American Hospital in Paris (plush offered with a message from Elise), partly funded by the sale of cookies in sachets.
  • Sale of nativity scenes at the 2021 Christmas market in Clamecy.
  • Organization of Élise Day 2022 with the WEMPS.
  • Creation of new advertising objects.
  • Purchase of a display case for the church of Mailly-le-Château in order to show the objects of our shop to visitors.
  • Creation of a "thought box" inspired by the writings of Élise Bisschop for children.

To conclude this afternoon, Mr. Lionel Silberstein presented the provisional budget for the coming year which was, in turn, voted unanimously by the members of our association.

After a period of discussion on our future projects and after having collected new ideas for the year 2022/2023, all the members of the association were invited to a drink of friendship.

In a very friendly spirit, we were all able to share a few words and talk about our next big meeting of the year: the Élise Bisschop Prize-giving ceremony, scheduled for October 16 at 2.15 p.m. at the Saint-Germain Abbey of 'Auxerre.