Printing of the collection

After a lot of work, Élise's little collection was released in the form of a 72-page booklet. We are happy to be able to offer new generations the beautiful poetic and Christian expression of a person who loves God and nature. We had talked about it so much.

The Archbishop of Sens-Auxerre, Mgr. Yves PATENÔTRE, had agreed to preface the edition. He did it with a very beautiful text.

Text on the back of the cover:

Élise Bisschop (1925-1964) died in Mailly-le-Château, in Yonne, at the age of 38 after a life marked by illness. Despite the limits imposed on her by fever and exhaustion, Church life was very useful and fertile in the eyes of God. His poems and songs bear witness to this. Touched by the grace of her Redeemer, she never left Him with her inner eyes and she reads his presence in things created and in all events of daily life. Sublimated by the total offering of her person, Elise's words continue to help and encourage those who read them.

Élise's photo that is on the cover had just been given by the family. Many thanks !