Publication of the poems of Élise Bisschop in Italian

In 2018, a great collaboration was set up to translate Élise's poems and songs into Italian, like the last French edition of 2017, with a few selected letters in addition. These marvelously illustrate the spirituality of the poems and show that the beautiful words of Élise were really lived daily in the joy of faith and witness to the Gospel, as well as in the acceptance of the pains of illness and annoyances.

The poems were translated by Mrs. Maria Pia Granello in 2018. Subsequently, the Sisters of Agnus Dei, of he Fraternity of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, translated the chosen letters. Finally, the illustrations were made with great care by the illustrator Sighanda.

The Italian publishing house Shalom was one of the first to show an interest in this project in 2022. Thus was born the illustrated book which has been on sale since mid-March. We warmly invite Italian readers to obtain it and discover the so simple and fresh spirituality of Élise, who never ceased to “Smile at everything and everyone out of love for Jesus”.