The association launches a Christian poetry competition

Élise showed once again how useful poems are in expressing the mysteries of life, particularly those of the Christian life. His poems shine with their great simplicity as well as their praise to the One who created everything and who placed in the heart of man the possibility of His joy.

What could be more natural for the association Les Amis d´Élise Bisschop than to launch a Christian poetry competition? The idea, already formulated since the beginning of last year, was able to materialize during the winter and to open, providentially, on April 3. The days of Holy Week were for Élise miraculous days because Jesus loves us there and saves us! It was also the time when nature was reborn after winter and filled the air with new, even poetic, scents.

In order to make Élise Bisschop and her poetic work known to as many people as possible, in order to encourage literary creation and thus promote culture, three prizes have been created. A great effort has been made to prepare the visuals, produce a press kit and draw up the list of cultural and journalistic entities to contact. The association hopes that this competition can be, for the participants, an opportunity to meditate once again on the gift of life, in all its poetic richness.