The deposit of Élise's letters to the cause of beatification

Since Providence had made it possible to cover Élise's letters in 4 stages, the transcription work had been hard to follow! The collaborators had hardly finished the work of transcription of the 21 letters which were given to the cause on June 23 last year, that on September 11 arrived 34 others…

As always in this type of work there are several times:

  1. Digitization of letters
  2. A first reading and classification. Some letters lack dates; we must try to locate them in time in relation to their content.
  3. Organization of work between the collaborators. They are all volunteers and, necessarily, provided with a good dose of patience and perseverance!
  4. Transcription of letters.
  5. Layout of all transcripts.
  6. Creation of the table of contents and the index of names.
  7. Printing and binding.

Finally, Élise's big smile served as a resource and encouragement along the way!