WEMPS concert on Élise

A WEMPS is a Weekend-Mission-Prayer-Service during which a rural parish, accompanied by a team of young people, goes to meet its inhabitants to get to know them and offer them to take a step towards Christ. The WEMPS were created in September 2017 by Dauphine and Isabelle, two students who participated in Mission Isidore, a year of volunteering in parishes serving the Church in rural areas. The project was then supported by Mgr Laurent Percerou - bishop of Moulins and President of the Council for the Pastoral Care of Children and Young People at the Conference of Bishops of France.

At 6.30 p.m., in the church of Mailly-le-Château, their magnificent concert took place. All kinds of music, from lyric to gospel, were sung to please the public. Sensitive to the history and the cause of beatification of Élise Bisschop, the young people spontaneously centered the words and the testimonies which interspersed the songs on Élise and her spirituality. It was a concert much loved by the villagers and the parish.

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