Elise’s pilgrim badge

After having requested all the authorizations from the Dominicans, here we are in the beautiful city of Besançon. When the community of Dijon Preachers closed its doors in 2001, the archives were sent on the one hand to Paris, on the other hand to Besançon. But in what direction did Father Bochin's archives go?

It is with some questions that we are welcomed by the manager of the Rosary Center. Who is this Élise?

Trust established, we go up to the attic to try to find some documents. Well, nothing. Before leaving I ask for information about Father Bochin. However, in a recently published book on his work with the sick, we find two pages on which we talk, especially with photos, of the pilgrimage to Lourdes in October 1962. It is very interesting because Élise had indeed told, that she had made her vows at that time.

A first photo contains faces too small to identify them quickly. A second reproduction shows a pilgrim badge. It's Elise's!

And the original?

Having gone up to the attic we opened all the boxes which were not dated. In one of them we find the files of the pilgrimage. *There is only one pilgrim badge kept as an example: that of Miss Bisschop.

We are speechless!