Reading of an Elise poetry during a bell baptism

It is an exceptional event by the rarity of a baptism, that is to say of the blessing, of a new bell.

On Saturday October 17, 2020 took place the baptism of the new church bell in Sacy. It has been many years since the sound of bells has resonated in this village.

Since the bells in our churches have names, their blessing is improperly called baptism. And so it was decided to proceed with this ceremony on May 22. The health standards in force have decided otherwise. Fortunately this ceremony could be moved to October 17th. Mgr Hervé Giraud, Archbishop of Sens, Bishop of Auxerre and Prelate of the Mission of France kindly proceeded to this baptism himself. During his homily, Bishop Giraud read the beautiful and relevant poetry of Elise Bisschop L’alouette et la cloche, as well as a text by Marie Noël.

Here is the text of the poetry:

There are two voices including the Good Lord
Use to pull us a little
Above the earth ...
Each halfway to the sky
We feel vibrate in their call
Life and prayer.

They speak to us, these chimes
Throwing over the furrows
The ardent voice of the bells.
And when they ring out sometimes
Our hearts distinguish, in their voices,
Accents of reproach.

And the lark with a happy heart
Who fights and sings the better
Her dazzling song,
She tells us: “Always higher!
Strength is not lacking
To the heart that prays and sings! "

For us, who think too often
To the good Lord as to an absent,
The song of the bell
And the bird, sprung from the plows
In our everyday work
Show it to us, very close.