Third article in the parish newspaper of 1965

To the general amazement the same parishioner spots a third mention of Elise in La Collégiale.

Although the article is not signed, it is obviously written by Father Van Ede, like the two previous articles. This time he is back from a pilgrimage to Lourdes where he lived very strong spiritual moments. He attributes the graces given to the sick at the prayer of the Blessed Virgin, Saint Bernadette and ... of Elise; bold and original thought, that of putting them on the same level.

Father Van Ede repeats almost identically the expression of Father GIRARD, parish priest of Mailly-le-Château:

Élise Bisschop, a saint from us.

Leçon de Lourdes"


By making the pilgrims who waited their turn pray for hours in front of the pools, I was amazed at the fervor of their prayer.

The only reason I thought is this: at this place so many souls have prayed so well, starting with the Virgin and Bernadette and also Élise Bisschop, saint of our region, who was in Lourdes in 1962. I give you this poem to think about, which evokes Lourdes so well, and which makes us tell the Virgin Mary to put on the earth with us a little Peace and Kindness.

Then follows Élise's song Pilgrimage of the Rosary to Lourdes which Father Van Ede calls Song of the sick at Notre-Dame.