Two new treasures about the Bisschop family

Both cards were purchased by our association to enrich our modest historical collection. They are particularly interesting because they allow us to refine our knowledge of the history of the Bisschop family in Yonne.

These two cards, addressed to Marie Bisschop – Élise's mother, were written by a woman named Louise then by a lady named Germaine. These two ladies, from the same family, could be Marie's former neighbors when she lived in Saint-Cloud in the Paris region. The census of the city confirms this hypothesis.

The oldest postcard, dated 1920, is rich in information. It confirms the fact that the Bisschop family knew the village of Mailly-le-Château from this period. Indeed, the address informs us that Marie and René Bisschop resided at 22 rue Comtesse Mahaut. At that time, this house was owned by the Jay family. René and Marie Bisschop probably lived there for a few months, probably while the work was being done on the Saint-Hubert farm in Trucy-sur-Yonne (acquired in September 1919). It is likely that the Jay family rented their house, or at least rooms, to the Bisschop family when they stayed in the village. If this track is interesting, it remains insufficient in the face of the many questions residing around the presence of the Bisschops in Mailly-le-Château. We bet that the future will bring us, as in recent months, new answers.

As for the second postcard, written on April 23, 1924, it is addressed to the Bisschop family living at the Ferme Saint-Hubert in Trucy-sur-Yonne.

With these two cards found, Élise truly takes care of safeguarding her family environment and we thank her for all the smiles she leaves on our way.