Anniversary mass for Élise 2021

On this rainy morning, the regular parishioners came for the timetable Mass at ... 9:15 am! Early risers like this early Mass. Two days earlier, April 9, had been the 57th anniversary of Elise's death on April 9, 1964. Someone lit a candle at the dedicated spot on the vault in the cemetery.

In the homily, the celebrant took advantage of the feast of the day, the feast of divine Mercy, to quote the last three stanzas of the poetry "April" by Elise where she speaks of the commitment of each to collaborate with the Lord in view of diffusing His true Light in souls.

But here are the holy days and Easter is near:
The most beautiful miracle of April! ...
Jesus on the cross tells us, when the bells are silent:
“Think of souls in peril! "

Oh ! we who have the light in our soul
Pray for those who don't have it!
We must pray for them, because Jesus claims it
He who, nailed down, stretches out his arms to us.

And so that around us, through Jesus, everything is reborn
We will fervently offer
Our sorrows, our labors and our songs of joy
For those who do not have this happiness.

Finally, the celebrant recalled that Mass was celebrated for the intention of Elise.

A sheet marked 2021, with the entire poetry had been prepared and was offered to all present.

This second Easter Mass was a new occasion for prayer for the rest of the soul of dear Élise.