Summary of Elise’s message

« Smile on everything and on everyone out of love for Jesus »

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Elise's main message is joy; this joy that God gives to the heart of man and that man is called to give in his turn.

Elise's joy therefore received it from God, but He uses various transmission belts. For Élise these straps were mainly liturgical and personal prayer, the Blessed Virgin and the nature.

For her part, Élise liked to transmit joy to everyone, especially to the children and to the young people. It is towards them that the work and the personal commitment of Élise turned in a constant way.

In the preface to the first distribution of the Poems and Songs of Élise, Father Jourdain Bochain wrote:

In her Lord's school, she learned to love and to spread joy. Without a doubt, this is the secret of its influence.

This characteristic of joy was therefore noticed from the start by all those who knew Élise.

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