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Elise and the nature

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Élise had a link with nature that one could call from the origins, that is to say, all imbued with her quest for contemplation of the Creator. From the earth to God: such is the title that Élise gave to a chapter of the poems. This brief title sums up her willingness to join the Creator through the visible things He has done. Élise is thus far beyond modern ecology; at the same time as it sublimates it, it contains it.

In the rural world, where Élise spent all her life, not an animal, flower or landscape escaped an instantaneous spiritual reading: admiring the expression of Divine Love, Élise widened her heart.

In the poetry Lark’s song Élise explains her drive towards the spiritual through the natural:

Of your song the proud cadence
Stimulates us like a call:
Our heart with you soars
And vibrates, stretched towards the sky!

Sing to have courage,
Because the good Lord is always there:
He who sustains, during the storm
The lark, He will carry us.

So often our soul leaves
Take by the material…
Alouette, you youth
And the momentum, show him the sky!

Extracts from the A Larks Song

A poem masterfully shows the harmony, see the communion, of Elise with nature. Élise is eighteen years old and Europe is in the torment of war. And yet, being in nature, Élise listens to this vibration of the earth which is only perceived, in its profound truth, by these meak of heart who, according to the Lord's promise, shall inherit the earth.

Far from the country, on a plateau, at nightfall
It's all the sweetness of October that permeates you
Tonight, wild and beautiful country, where reigns
Adorned in all its gold, Solemn Autumn.
The earth is silent and contemplates the sky…
At the foot of a large crumbling log, I am sitting,
In the leaking wasteland, with its gray grass,
Rippling gently down to the bottom of the hill…
The purple sky is limpid and deep like water.
But over there, in the distance, sparkling in the mist,
Above the dark wood, a star lights up…
In the golden vines remains a clarity…
Evening peace descends with darkness.
And in the light wind which blows with mystery,
I hear the soul of our land singing in a whisper.

Poem Autumn Evening

Meekness of heart allowed Élise never to grab hold of people's property. She was extremely respectful of others and of nature. All her desire was, as she says in the following text, to belong to the Creator of her soul and of the world.

All I can do is try to be more and more flexible in the hands of God. I'm slowly learning to let go of many things or to accept contingencies that I would have hated in the past.

Sensitive contact with nature was for Elise a source of teaching of spiritual life as well as a perception of the ever new and splendid mystery of the Creator.

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