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Constrained by the small financial resources of the house after the death of her father in 1951, Élise tried to do manual labor, limited by the local job offer. She will first make brooms; thereafter, because of her too weak health, she will limit herself to the making of handkerchiefs.

Élise will never be able to work for hours. Consequently, the gain will never be significant. Her brother having left the region, Élise will live alone at home with her mother. They will experience a certain precariousness that her mother had difficulty accepting, she who, as a young wife, didn't know lack of money.

Guided and supported by her faith Élise will lead a simple life, entirely dedicated to the love of God and of people. She will take care above all of catechism, of the group of young girls, of contact with young households. She attends Mass every day, prays her rosary and the Way of the Cross. The people of the village noted her piety, her good heart, and her ever-present smile.

Élise will be the godmother of three girls: one from a poor family in the village, a second from a neighboring village, the third the eldest of her nieces. The first one, Andrée R., gave this testimony in 2014:

We were together every week on Saturday afternoon: I went with my godmother to prepare the church for Sunday morning mass, celebrated by Father André Générat, parish priest of Mailly. Then on Sunday, at Mass, we sang in the little chapel. We also did the Way of the Cross together.

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