Élise adolescente devant la maison à Mailly-le-Château


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Her family having moved to Mailly-le-Château, Élise made her first communion there under the leadership of father Léon POITOUT, a former missionary from China. Élise was very happy with this priest. She would later say to her new parish priest, father André GÉNÉRAT:

"The Lord has given me the grace of having been formed, guided throughout my childhood and my youth by two priests, different certainly, but both so ardently so deeply priests… I had to store up graces for my whole life. life, and the Holy Spirit is there to help me refresh them… ”

Poems and songs

As she grew older, Élise revealed a rare ability to express herself. The poems that she began to compose at the age of 13 are proof of this. They show Elise's striking conception of the world: nature is the visible sign of its Creator. It therefore takes us to recognize Him and to love Him; and in Him all the spiritual world of which the Blessed Virgin and the Angels are part.

Saint Mary piously
We pick you up in the forest
A bunch of trembling lily of the valley
Pure as you, white as is
Your immaculate soul.

Without seeing them we can feel from a long way
The smell of flower bells
So I will go in my sorrow
Praying to you because always, Marie
You have consoled me.

In May when the leaf grows back,
May the lily of the valley open its flower,
All your children, very sweet mother
Bring you fervently
Their bouquets and their hearts.

With the scent of lily of the valley
Raise our prayer to you
We give you all, without regret,
Our entire harvest
Our Lady of Flowers.

The pearly bells of lily of the valley,
Round and white as well as pearls
Look like rosary beads
Whose white wave breaks
At the foot of your altar.

O Mother, offer everything to Jesus:
Our bouquets, our songs and ourselves;
So we will be well received
For Jesus loves whoever loves you,
Dear Mother from heaven!

Poetry Some lily of the valley for the Blessed Virgin from 1938; Élise is 13 years old and she already has a very deep understanding of the faith. The Blessed Virgin will be present in all the major decisions of Elise’s life; it is to her that Elise attributes all of her spiritual victories.

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