All the news on Elise Bisschop

Élise's website is out in Norwegian

And why not do Élise's site in Norwegian? Providence wanted the postulator to be someone from this northern country, better known for its fjords than for its holiness. Elise can radiate the light of God!

Christmas skit in Mailly-le-Château

The theme of the 2017 Christmas play was that of the life of Élise Bisschop. The children participated with all their heart.

The history of the lantern

At the same time, two people had the idea of putting candles at the grave of Élise and her family.

Avalanche of letters

The daughter of Elise's childhood friend sent a packet of letters to the justice promoter. Magnificent discoveries.

Parish Day on Élise 2017

The four nieces of Élise were present at this annual day for the first time. It was a joy for the whole parish.

Official opening of the cause of beatification

The opening of the cause was the long-awaited and welcomed event of 2017. The church of Mailly-le-Château was, for once, full, and it welcomed our Archbishop Hervé GIRAUD who came to celebrate the opening of Elise's cause.

Recording of the film in Italian

We were welcomed in an Italian studio to make the recordings of the film on Élise in this beautiful language.

The "Nihil obstat" of Rome

The "Nihil obstat" of Rome was again a great joy for the cause of Elise. The approval of the Congregation of Saints confirms the intuition common to all.