All the news on Elise Bisschop

Elise Parish Day 2018

In this year 2018 the parish is already on its fourth day on Élise Bisschop. It was an opportunity to review all the events that have taken place in connection with the cause of Church beatification since last year.

Élise's website is out in Italian

There had been, from the start, the desire to offer consultation of the Elise site in Italian. Two collaborators, Donato and Maria Pia, very generously accepted the task which is now accomplished.

The opening website

There is again the possibility of purchasing the collection of Élise's "Poems and Songs", or the documentary on DVD, on the internet.

Élise's website is out in Norwegian

And why not do Élise's site in Norwegian? Providence wanted the postulator to be someone from this northern country, better known for its fjords than for its holiness. Elise can radiate the light of God!

Christmas skit in Mailly-le-Château

The theme of the 2017 Christmas play was that of the life of Élise Bisschop. The children participated with all their heart.

The history of the lantern

At the same time, two people had the idea of putting candles at the grave of Élise and her family.

Avalanche of letters

The daughter of Elise's childhood friend sent a packet of letters to the justice promoter. Magnificent discoveries.